Appeal for Funds


While his health has improved steadily, Vann Nath has decided to fly to Bangkok with his family in order to replace the fistula which allows dialysis through his left forearm. This operation was necessary because the fistula was in bad condition. Removing it was easy and without risk for him. The old fistula has now been taken out. Vann Nath has checked out of the hospital with a temporary fistula. The doctors know him and took really good care of him. Vann Nath has now returned to Phnom Penh. He will have to go back to Bangkok for a midical follow up and for a brand new fistula to be put in a permanent fashion ...[more]


We are pleased to present you 12 models of postcards representing Vann Nath's paintings from the series entitled. Endurance. These paintings illustrate the different experiences Vann Nath endured starting from his arrest in Battambang in early 1978 to his detention at the S21 prison.

Profits from these postcard sales will help fund the dialysis treatment that Vann Nath will receive during his stay in France from January 12 until February 2 ... [more]

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Preserve the legacy of this classic Cambodian Artist.