Hellman/Hammett Award for persecuted writers, administered by Human Rights Watch, 2003 and 2006.
Artist in residence at Providence College, Rhode Island, during "the Spirit of Cambodia," an art exhibition sponsored by Dr. Anne Norton, Providence College, October 2003.
Knight of Arts and Culture, France, May 2004. Award presented by the French Ambassador to Cambodia on behalf of Minister Jean-Jacque during a screening of "S-21: the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine" by Rithy Panh.
During his 2003 U.S. book tour Vann Nath received a number of distinctions, including:
  • Honorary citizen of the City of Lowell, Massachusetts;
  • Feather Award from the Rhode Island Department of Human Services;
  • Presented the Key to the City of Providence by the Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island.
During a trip to Sweden in 2003, Vann Nath was honoured in an an 8-minute documentary film at the Second international biennial for contemporary art, Goteborg.

During a tour to Switzerland and France, April-May 2006, Vann Nath and his work was highlighted.

Vann Nath was invited to speak to an audience of students at an international film festival in Lyon, Switzerland, after the screening of "S21: the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine." He was the guest of honour in Paris at a banquet hosted by Dr. Chhay Hok Pheng, president of the Khmer Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Paris.